Based on a webtoon. The love story between a capable secretary and her narcissistic boss.

Written by – Jung Eun Young / Directed by – Park Joon Hwa | Romantic comedy | 16 Episodes | 1 hour

Competent secretary Kim Mi So worked 9 years under the same boss. The drama started off with secretary Kim informing Lee Young Joon that she would be resigning from her position as his secretary. This was because she wanted to start living her life properly after 9 long years of paying off her family debt. Lee Young Joon got anxious when he realised that it would be an inconvenience to him if she left, and proposed to her abruptly. ?

Watch if

  • You like a strong K-drama female lead
  • You like a narcissistic K-drama male lead
  • You like a cliche K-drama

Skip if

  • You do not like romance
  • You like dramas with a heavier plot-line

My Take

I’ve been waiting for the next K-drama that would make my heart flutter like so many of them did. Secretary Kim really did it for me this summer… First of all, I really liked how this one started off quick unlike most K-dramas. The introduction of Kim Mi So’s character was straightforward and from the start, viewers knew what we could expect from her. She was amazingly competent at her job and the writer made sure to incorporate that trait till the end. It truly emphasized this as the main trait of Mi So’s character. As for Lee Young Joon, he is the funniest narcissistic character I’ve seen played in a K-drama. His narcissism and absurd remarks were the highlight of each episode. Kudos to the scriptwriter, her lines in this drama are not to be missed!

Besides the lovable main characters, we do see a nice lineup of side characters as well. Lee Young Joon’s company’s CEO, Park Kyung Sik, was my personal favourite. In Secretary Kim, viewers will not get bored as they will get to see some fun side stories apart from the main love story of the two leads.

Now, let’s move on to the storyline of the drama itself. From the brief synopsis it might not interest you enough, however, there is a mystery in the drama which takes up a big portion of the storyline. This mystery makes the love story between our leads much sweeter and more meaningful than it would be. Another reason why you shouldn’t skip out on this drama is the fact that it’s fast-paced, unlike many others, and it is truly a thrilling ride seeing how the love gradually grows between our main leads.

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below if you start to watch this drama! Do you think it deserves to be one of 2018’s hottest summer dramas?