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Writers: The Wachowskis & J. Michael Straczynski | Science Fiction | R | 24 Episodes | 45 mins | Netflix

Eight strangers from across the world were connected emotionally and mentally after witnessing a vision of a woman who shot herself. In the journey to understand what they are, the Biologic Preservation Organization (BPO) and Whispers hunt them down in an attempt to wipe them out.

Warning! This show has been cancelled (but not abruptly, they filmed a finale episode to wrap up everything).

Watch if

  • you tend to fall in love with characters
  • you like to understand the struggles of different people
  • you like a good mystery to solve
  • you support LGBT representation

Skip if

  • graphic sex and nudity is not your thing
  • non-linear story lines can be confusing for you
  • you don’t want to watch a cancelled TV Series (but not abruptly, they filmed a finale episode to wrap things up)

My Take


One word: AMAZING. It has everything you can ask for in a TV Series. A fast-moving plot and relatable characters. You’ll be invested in their search for themselves and their place in this foreign world they were thrown into. It also makes you wonder, what would you do if your life was suddenly intertwined with completely random strangers from all over the world?

I like the mysterious air this show has. There are so many questions, yet this show gives so little answers except bits of clues along the way. You’ll be guessing who the bad guys are and what are their motives. It’s one heck of a ride especially their action scenes.

The characters are so likeable and relatable. They are these 8 complete strangers in the first season, and one by one, you’ll learn about their lives and struggles. Everything felt so personal, there is always something that I can relate with all of them, maybe you’ll relate to them too.

But this show is not perfect. There are some scenes that are questionable and seem to be a product of lazy writing (or to cut cost, idk). However, it’s not too ridiculous to the point that you won’t watch it. Some people may find the sex scenes to be graphic (which was speculated to be the reason of its low viewership). When you look at other TV series like Game of Thrones and Black Mirror, you see similar scenes as well, but no one was complaining. It got me thinking, was it because of the graphic non-heterosexual sex scenes? Perhaps. One can always speculate.

I am truly sad to see this amazing series go. I wish a lot more people knew about Sense8 sooner, but would that stop it from being cancelled? Who knows? This show is highly complex because of its storyline and setting. A bit too ambitious some would say, but Netflix is all about breaking boundaries. Sadly, this one burned a hole too deep in their pockets and they just had to cut it loose.

Do you think Sense8 should have stayed or is it better off being cancelled? Let us know in the comments below!